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What does it mean to be a yPIE DC member?

yPIE DC brings together leaders with a passion for international education by providing opportunities for local young professionals and students to network, discuss emerging trends and issues, share career opportunities, and develop new skills. The organization has been around since 2011 and has grown to nearly 1,000 members. But what does it mean to be a member?

What Membership Means to Me

I was interested in learning about job openings when I first started attending yPIE DC events in 2013. I used the social setting to network and meet other young professionals. But as time went on, I began to view yPIE DC a bit differently.

Going to yPIE DC events was more than learning who was hiring right at that moment, but meeting peers who shared my interests and understanding how people in the field progressed through their careers. I learned how wide-ranging the international education field is and that there is no one set path to follow.

I learned a lot from yPIE DC during my first few years in DC and decided to apply for a Board position. Joining the board was an opportunity to give back to a community that I am passionate about while also building leadership and communication skills.

What Membership Means to Others

My experience with yPIE DC is just one of many that members have with our organization. Everyone has different interactions with yPIE DC and membership has different meanings. Here’s a sample of what other board members have to say:

Being a yPIE DC member means having the opportunity to strengthen relationships with other young professionals in DC and encouraging more individuals to get involved in international education

-Zach Adams

Being a yPIE DC member has provided an informal, fun venue to connect with others in the International Education community. It’s also been a great professional community where I’ve learned best practices in the field and paths to individual career development.

-Lauren Kardos

Being a yPIE DC member is a unique opportunity to connect with other young professionals in our field, which is more often than not a niche and difficult industry to break into. Even in the year and a half that I’ve been involved with international education/exchanges in my professional career, I feel as if I have learned an incredible amount. And it’s wonderful to meet with others with similar professionals goals and to share best practices and tips for breaking into and advancing in the industry.

-Andrew Barbagallo

yPIE DC has helped me expand my local network and realize the depth and breadth of international education as a field. Being a part of the board has also been rewarding in that it has given me the opportunity to engage in strategic planning discussions and participate in planning future yPIE DC professional development events that will cultivate important conversations on global trends and issues.

-Joy Zhou

yPIE DC gives me the opportunity to stay connected to all of the various aspects of the international education field. By going to events and connecting with my peers, I am continuously learning and growing as a professional.

-Ashley Whittington

Elevate Your Membership

Your experience with yPIE DC may be different from all of ours. You’ve attended our happy hours and joined our LinkedIn group, but how can you can give back to the community and elevate your membership to the next level?

Whether you are a student, an entry-level professional, or an experienced professional, you are welcome at yPIE DC. Here are some initial ideas to elevate your membership and increase your involvement. Our needs change often so check out our main engagement page to see more opportunities.

Guest Blogging

Are you a student looking to share your research in a wider forum? Are you looking to promote your program and best practices to new audiences? Do you have professional advice and experience within the field you want to share? We are looking for skilled writers to share their thoughts and ideas through our website.

Event Communication

Are you always attending happy hour events? Do you love meeting new people? We are looking for members who are interested in taking photos and informally interviewing members at events for use in event communications.

Event Partnership

Do you have an idea for a content event? Are you interested in leading a workshop and sharing your expertise? Is your organization looking for ways to reach new audiences within the international education community? We are seeking partnership opportunities, guest speakers, venues and content ideas for our events.

Share Opportunities with the Community

Is your organization hiring? Did you know you could post and view job opportunities on yPIE DC’s LinkedIn group? Is your program looking for scholarship reviewers? Are you looking for volunteers for a project? Our members want to deepen their involvement with the field. You can share opportunities through our LinkedIn group.

Connect with Us

If any of these opportunities interest you, submit your ideas at with your area of interest (i.e., Guest Blogging, Event Partnership) in the email subject line. A member of the Board will be in touch regarding next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at an upcoming event! Event descriptions and registration are available on our Events page.

About the Author

Stephanie Blochinger served on the yPIE DC Board of Directors from 2016-2018. She is an accomplished program manager with over 9 years experience in non-profits, international development and education.

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