Board of Directors Recruitment

As a peer-led organization, yPIE DC regularly opens applications and recruit leaders to take on volunteer roles on committees and its board of directors. This is a great opportunity to take charge of your professional development, guide the growth of this organization, and empower the international education community in the Washington, DC, area. Regardless of the stage you are in your career, you can make a difference in shaping the future of yPIE DC. We encourage anyone who is passionate about international education and looking for a volunteer leadership position to submit an application. If you are not looking for a leadership position at this time, there are many other ways to get involved with yPIE DC.

Committee Vacancies

We are currently recruiting board members to be appointed for two-year terms from May 2022 until April 2024. Multiple vacancies are available in the following roles:

  • Board Chair (Interim): We are seeking an individual who is eager and able to take on a leadership role on the Board.
  • Digital Marketing Officer: We are looking for an individual with experience developing content for social media and/or website/blog management.
  • University & External Partners Relations Officer: We are looking for an individual who is comfortable networking & reaching out to universities and potential partners for collaboration with yPIE DC.
  • Events Officer: We are looking for two individuals who are organized and can execute an idea into a successful event – either virtual or in-person. 
  • Membership & Development Officer: We are looking for one individual who is an analytical thinker with capacity for data synthesis and management.

How to Apply

  1. Review the general requirements and position descriptions on this page.
  2. Complete the Board Member Application and submit your resume (Word or PDF format).

Completed applications are due by 11:59 PM EDT on March 31st, 2022.

Board of Directors General Requirements

All positions serve as part of the all-volunteer Board of Directors, attending regular meetings and collaborating with other committees to accomplish yPIE DC’s goals in service of the organization’s mission. In addition to the descriptions and requirements of each individual position outlined below, each board member must meet the following requirements to be eligible to serve.

  • Self-motivated, organized, and able to work efficiently and autonomously as part of a small team
  • Good knowledge of international education
  • Commit 10-15 hours per month (excluding attendance at events and meetings)
  • Available for meetings and events on weeknights (after 5:30/6:00 pm) and weekends
  • Professional and able to represent yPIE DC at all levels

Please also note that yPIE DC Board Members must pay dues ($100/year). The funds are used to support yPIE DC activities and broadly support the organization as we move towards a freemium membership model. Applicants with a financial hardship can discuss alternatives with the Board Chair upon being offered a position. 

Board Chair (Interim)

yPIE DC is seeking an individual to take on the primary leadership role of Board Chair through the end of 2022. This is a great role for someone who is eager to have a large impact on yPIE DC as an organization!


  • Lead Board on strategic vision, planning, and action items, setting policies and approving actions where appropriate
  • Review and mediate governance issues of the Board as they arise
  • Ensure that events held throughout the year speak to the full spectrum of the yPIE DC membership and the industry as a whole 
  • Promote awareness of yPIE DC, including the recruitment of new members, partner organizations, and future Board members
  • Preside over all board meetings, strategic retreats, and other planning sessions
  • Work with the Membership Committee to orient new board members
  • Learn about and facilitate professional development objectives of Board members and individual committees
  • Work with yPIE committees to work towards accomplishing yPIE DC’s goals in service of the yPIE DC mission


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous involvement with yPIE via event attendance or other collaborations
  • Experience leading a group of professionals 
  • Passion for the field of international education and professional development

Digital Marketing Officer

The Communications Committee is recruiting for two positions: Digital Marketing Officer and University External Partners Relations Officer. For the Digital Marketing Officer role, we want someone who is excited to use our social media platforms and webpage to generate campaigns that promote yPIE DC events and create conversation about International Education among our members.


  • Manage yPIE DC social media accounts, including maintaining an editorial calendar, developing digital content, and posting regularly
  • Foster online conversations about the latest trends in international education by sharing news and insights on social media
  • Collaborate with other committee members to develop communications campaigns and strategies – primarily Events Committee
  • Produce, solicit, and coordinate monthly blog content by organization members, board members, and international education partners
  • Maintain the yPIE DC official website, ensuring all content, plugins, and security settings remain up to date
  • Increase web presence/engagement with website/new webpages
  • Attend committee meetings for both Events & Communications committees

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience developing and managing blog content
  • Experience developing content for digital audiences
  • Familiarity with WordPress, HTML/CSS, and SEO
  • Experience managing professional social media and communication platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Hootsuite
  • Experience using virtual graphic design tools such as Canva
  • Excellent writer and editor

University & External Partners Relations Officer

The Communications Committee is recruiting for two positions: Digital Marketing Officer and University External Partners Relations Officer. For the University & External Partners Relations Officer role, we want someone with strong networking skills who can build upon and increase the relationships that yPIE DC has with international education programs at area universities, as well as with area nonprofit organizations in the field.


  • Collaborate with Membership & Events committees to develop new campus ambassador program to engage DC-area graduate students in yPIE DC
  • Develop informational and marketing materials to share with area universities and prospective partner organizations
  • Network with potential partners in the international education, diplomacy, higher education, and other related fields for the purpose of events, online campaigns and other strategic plans
  • Compile information about the organization to be shared through social media, newsletters, contacts, and relevant listservs via Digital Marketing Officer
  • Collaborate with other committee members to develop communications campaigns and strategies
  • Attend committee meetings for both Events & Communications committees

Preferred qualifications:

  • Familiarity with at least one DC-area university (including surrounding areas in MD and VA) as current or former faculty, staff, or student
  • Familiarity with DC-area international education organizations (non-profit, for-profit, U.S. government) as current or former staff 
  • Experience managing volunteers and leveraging networks
  • Familiarity with networking platforms such as LinkedIn

Events Officer

The Events Committee is recruiting two Events Officer positions, each with a two-year term. In addition to the general board responsibilities above, the specific responsibilities are outlined below. The Events Officer is responsible for managing regular events that facilitate networking and professional development for the yPIE DC members, both in-person and virtually. Events Officers work with other members of the Events Committee, other yPIE DC committees, and external vendors and partners to coordinate and promote events.


  • Lead and coordinate the execution of regular social and topical events throughout the year
  • Propose and secure appropriate venue space for yPIE DC events including collaborating with host organizations on event logistics (e.g., food, beverages)
  • Cultivate relationships with vendors and other appropriate contacts for events
  • Ensure that yPIE DC presents a warm and welcoming experience for all our members at events

Membership & Development Officer

The yPIE DC Board is recruiting one Membership & Development Officer position to serve a two-year term. In addition to general board responsibilities above, the specific responsibilities and preferred qualifications are outlined below. The Membership & Development Officer is responsible for the engagement and support of yPIE DC members through collection and evaluation of member feedback, analysis of membership trends and engagement data, and recruitment of new members. The Membership & Development Officer works closely with other committees and the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board to serve member needs and inform strategic planning.


  • Field questions and concerns from the membership, actively seek out and listen to member needs, and ensure that they are represented in programming and services
  • Evaluate membership trends and utilize data to inform yPIE DC strategic planning and progress toward membership growth, increased member engagement, and a freemium membership model
  • Seek to cultivate and maintain a membership base that represents diversity and breadth of international education field in the Washington, DC, metro area, serving entry level through mid-level international education professionals
  • Engage yPIE DC members in local projects and volunteer efforts promoting education, cross-cultural exchange, and citizen diplomacy
  • Manage the application and acceptance process for new board members